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Puzzle Trooper is a puzzle matching RPG developed by gumi Asia Pte Ltd. and launched in the Google Play store on 16 April 2013. It makes use of puzzle matching game mechanics combined with a card/character collection system.

You can select your troopers from 5 different factions - Iron Bulls (red), Aqua Marines (blue), Gorilla Warriors (green), Desert Skulls (yellow) and Panzer Unz Fire (purple). Form a squad to bring into battle with you from troopers you can collect in-game or through the Airdrop feature.

The gameplay is simple. Simply match same colored balls and the matching trooper will attack the enemies. The more combos you make, the bigger the damage you do. Different missions may require different squad formations, but generally the earlier missions are easier to pass with a simple squad set-up. In battles, some troopers have skills that can be activated, and you will also be able to add a 6th trooper into your squad from your Friends List.

Available now on Google Play Store & Apple Appstore

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